Eyes Closed, Liminal – 2018

In 2016 I worked on a project for PDX-CSA where people who were interested in supporting a new art project pre-purchased a 10" x 14" artwork, then followed along as I shared insights into my creative process before receiving their completed artwork a couple months later.

I'm proposing a new series of these Liminal faces on circular panels that will completed in Spring of 2018.

I'm making a few changes from the way the PDX-CSA project worked to offer more options – both for price/size of artwork and when you can buy in to the project.


The completed artwork will only be shared with two mailing lists that will be specific to this series and will not be shared to my general art mailing list.

One list is for Followers who are interested in this series specifically and a second mailing list is for Supporters who have committed at least $30. As the artworks are completed it will be offered to the Supporters list first and they have a period of time to claim the artwork and redeem the money they've committed. After that period any unclaimed artwork will then be offered to the Followers list.

Sign up for the followers list:

To invest and join the Supporters list go here.


October – January

  • Liminal Mailing lists signup

December – January

  • Initial tests for medium and style

February – May

  • Completed artwork revealed biweekly

  • Completed artwork will be offered to Supports in the order that they signed up for their mailing list.


Finished artwork is likely to be available in these sizes:

$175 – 13.5d

$250 – 16d

$325 – 18d

$450 – 21d


Additional Details:

I'm asking for some money upfront, but I want it to work more like an investment – that is you pay $70 now and I give you a website coupon for $100. Investing now both gives me funds to start making the work and commits us to each other in this project.

Starting in February 2018 I will begin sharing completed artworks every two to three weeks with mailing lists. Coupon codes received for supporting/investing can be redeemed for artwork of equal or greater value - I will be offering artwork priced at $175 - $450, but you could also apply your investment to whatever painting you like.

I want everyone to be happy with this arrangement, so be assured that I consider your money to be in escrow until you find a painting you love, and if you decide that none of the paintings I produce suit you I will refund your money.