PDX-CSA, Pairing / by Jason Kappus

I had the good fortune to talk last night to the artist with whom I've been Paired in PDX-CSA

The way PDX-CSA works is that you can support any one or any combination of projects, but the curators have made suggestions about pairs of artists that they think go well together for some reason. 

Vicki initially expressed some skepticism about the curators' intentions for pairing us together, believing that it was somewhat simplistic - that we're paired merely because we're both making figurative work. 

However, as we each discussed or inspirations and intents for our projects, it's clear that our work (for the PDX-CSA projects at least) overlaps in other ways, mainly having to do with meditation, serenity, transformation, transition and the like. 

I think the discussion eased her concerns and I hope that if you consider our project summaries (below) you'll agree that our finished artwork would have an interesting interplay in your home. 

Vicki Wilson will explore the relationship between humans and nature with figurative ceramic sculptures: meditative figures transform and bloom into the textures and shapes of the natural world. The approximately 12-inch-tall pieces will be fired in gas reduction, resulting in light, yet warm and earthy, colors. “
”Jason Kappus will explore the serenity of people with their eyes closed, depicting liminal states of consciousness (meditation, near-sleep) by overlaying delicate, naturalistic portraits rendered in marker and oil paint with bursts of abstract forms and lines. These mixed-media works will be approximately 9 inches tall by 13 inches wide on wood panel.

To be fair I am one of the curators who paired the two of us, but I feel confident that our contemplative work is a good match, and that it would be fun to add to your collections a painting and a sculpture that resonant the way these artworks will. Available for purchase here.